Play 8-Ball, 9-Ball & 10-Ball each league night! Singles, Doubles, Scotch Doubles and Rotating Doubles.

League 27
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League 27 leagues play 8-ball, 9-ball and 10-ball each league night. League 27 has been offering it’s special twist on pool leagues since 2010. Our pool league was founded by Walter Wnuk, Raymond Ressler and Doug Johnson. Dough is credited with coming up with the name. Why League 27? Add 8+9+10 and you get 27.

In an effort to build a better league the guys decided to start from scratch and set out to build a league that offered more. The result of this effort is a very competitive league that attracts good people that share a common interest in pool.

If you enjoy competition and love to play pool League 27 may be for you!

We are currently offering our in house leagues at Orleans Sports Cafe in Mt. Clemens Michigan on Tuesdays and Thursdays. League starts promptly at 7 pm and is usually finished by 10:30.


8 Ball is played with fifteen balls. Each player is tasked with pocketing either solids (1-7) or stripes (9-15). After successfully pocketing solids or stripes the 8-ball must be legally pocketed to win the game. 


9-Ball is played with 9 balls. The object is to legally pocket the 9-Ball.


10-Ball is played with 10 balls. Legally pocketing the 10-Ball wins the game.

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