Team Eddie McKinley

Thursday Rotating Partners
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Winter 2022

#PlayerTeam89108OB9OB10OB8B&R9B&R10B&RMatches PlayedMatches WonWin Percentage
Walter WnukTeam Walter Wnuk676159051110171271
Keith NickelBreakers38434100100017424
John Killett-41374701000017424
Scott Kroll-44524401000017529
Ray ResslerRay Ressler675361011000171271
Matt ResslerTeam Matt Ressler58535601200017953
Jacob ResslerTeam Jacob Ressler36444700100017318
Linda KujatTeam Linda Kujat38413200200017424
Janet OrlandiClassy with a little Sassy33313400000017424
Tracey KrolClassy with a little Sassy29433700000017529
Alvin KelleyTeam Alvin Kelley635855100201171059
Todd Cook-59525200000017953
Eddie McKinleyTeam Eddie McKinley39474800001017529
George SharboTeam George Sharbo575761011000171165
Tony ParpartTeam Tony Parpart41433801000017741
Kathy WnukShut Up and Shoot44474200000017424

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