We are Moving to Total Sports

League 27 is moving to Total Sports beginning Fall 2019.

We have enjoyed many years playing exclusively at Orleans. Sometimes in a relationship too much time together can make you forget what brought you together in the first place. We feel it is necessary to take a break from Orleans for a while. Give everyone involved a chance to miss each other. We are grateful for all the years of wonderful service and wish Orleans the best in the future!

Total Sports has expressed interest in hosting League 27 on Thursday nights. We have decided this session will be played at Total Sports in Harrison Twp. The tables are smaller than we are used to but they promised to keep them in good playing condition. They also offered drink specials for us and a few other things we’ll tell you about at the league meeting.

40501 Production Dr Harrison Twp, MI 48045

Proposed format for the Fall 2019/Spring 2020 Session

Rotating Doubles – You will play with everyone as your partner once and against everyone twice. In order to do this we will have to make some concessions.

  1. League will be split into two parts. Part one ending in December of 2019 with a payback tournament and banquet. Part 2 will begin in January and end with a payback tournament and banquet. Ideally everyone who plays in Part one will play part 2. I can tell you that this will not happen. So, we will fill in the spots where people drop out to keep as full a roster as possible. In the event that we do not fill in all 24 spots in the first half we will make allowances to add players in during the second half. The schedule will be built to offer as even a playing field as possible. Please know going into this league that with all the allowances we have to put in place to make this work there is no way to make this “fair” and even. Someone is going to feel like this or that happened to them and their run for first place was more difficult than someone else. Please go into this league knowing that and we should all get along just fine.
  2. The schedule will have everyone playing with everyone else as a partner one time and against everyone else twice by the time both halves are complete.
  3. No makeup games
  4. No subs
  5. The following rules will allow weekly play to happen regardless of who shows up.
    1. All players from both teams show – Play and have a good game!
    2. One player from Team 1 is missing but both Players on Team 2 show up. – Team 1 plays alone and represents both players, Team 2 alternates shots like normal.
    3. One player from each team is missing – Play as if it were a singles match.
    4. Both players from the other team are missing. The 2 players that showed up play against each other. Unfortunately these two will not get to play as a team against the league. (An example of the life is not fair rule)
    5. In the rare event that 3 of the four players do not show we will move the player that did show to a table that has an opening. If no such table exits then this lucky person gets to shoot Ray, Walter or Matt. We will rotate.

League fees

When you agree to join our league you are making a financial commitment. You agree to pay $20 per week for every week that you are scheduled to play. You may pay for the entire season ahead of time or make weekly payments. If you choose to make weekly payments you will be required to pay before you play. If you miss a week you must pay for the missed week and the current week or you will not be allowed to play. If you find yourself in a position of not being able to pay you must inform Ray, Matt or Walter as soon as you can. Depending upon the circumstances we will work with you so you can continue to play. This is supposed to be a fun league and we understand that life happens. Talk to us, we will figure it out.

Let us know how you feel, results will shape your league.

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