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Play 8-Ball, 9-Ball & 10-Ball each league night!

League 27
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League 27

We are a small pool league based in Michigan. Over the years we have played in many establishments in Macomb County. We play 8-ball, 9-ball and 10-ball each league night.

8 Ball

8-Ball is how we start each league night. Our 8-Ball rules are largely influenced by the WPA rules. A fan favorite that demands a combination of strategy and skill to win.

9 Ball

9-Ball is the second set. Some call 9-Ball a lucky mans game while others call it a true skill game. 9-Ball is fun no matter what side of the argument you fall.

10 Ball

Each league night finishes with 10-Ball. It is very similar to 9-Ball in that you must hit the smallest number ball first. However it has much stricter ball pocketing rules making it a very challenging finish. 

The roster is FULL for the Fall 2022 season. We are still accepting applications for subs. We are looking for players of all skill levels. Call or text Walter at 585-646-3700.

Confirmed Teams:

Walter & Kathy
Ray & Linda
Janet & Tracey
Scott & John
Eddie & Tony
Dale & Mike
Keith & Bob
Kevin & Austin

Good luck to all! Have a great Season!