Newsletter Volume 16 Issue 17

Newsletter Volume 16 Issue 17

 Week 17 of League 27 – Winter 2022: Final Winter Newsletter

Congratulations to Walter Wnuk who persevered through 17 weeks of pool playing to take First Place. Ray Ressler finishes 2nd Place and Alvin Kelley rounds out the top three finishing in 3rd Place. Honorable mention to George Sharbo who comes up 1 point short of moving into a tie for 3rd, and if he hadn’t missed a night, he could have possibly  finished higher. All in all it was a nice league and some very stiff competition. We will again start up sometime in September for our fall session. Congratulations to all. Week 17 was our final position night and we had almost everyone there. We missed only one player, Tony Parpart.


Table 1: Walter Wnuk & Janet Nihls vs Ray Ressler & Linda Kujat : This match featured the top two of the leader in the league and it came out just about how it was supposed to with Walter and Janet posting the win by two points. Linda and Ray did their best, but Janet showed up and played pretty well with her partner Walter, who continues to still shoot very well. Linda and Ray got a quick jump to start out the 8 Ball Set as they posted wins in the first two games. With a few missed shots, Janet and Walter put game three into the score sheet on their side. Linda was having difficulty shooting with a very sore shoulder, but she stuck it out and help to put game four in the win column for her team. The teams split the final two games to give Linda and Ray a 4-2 set win. Ray and Linda took game one to start the 9 Ball Set, making it two straight wins, before Janet and Walter got things together. The took game 2 with some very nice safety play and timely shot making by both Walter and Janet. They didn’t slow down as they continued to pound in the balls and finish off game 3. Walter & Janet continued to shoot well, and Janet got a chance to give her team a 3 game lead in the set as she nailed  1-9 combination in game 4  for a quick win. Linda and Ray stopped the 3 game run as they put together a nice run and finish the game to post the win. Janet and Walter finished up the set with the win in game 6 to take a 4-2 set win. This match was all tied heading into the 10 Ball Set. It was the Walter and Janet show, as least for the first three games. With some very nice shooting along with some great safeties, they were able to nail games 1, 2 and 3. This gave them a 3 game lead in the match. Linda and Ray found a few openings left by their opponents and made good with back-to-back wins in games 4 & 5. That was all she wrote as Janet and Walter finished off the set with a 2 game margin in the match. It was a very good competitive match and everyone played pretty well throughout the match. 

 Walter Wnuk & Janet Nihls (10) – Ray Ressler & Linda Kujat  (8) 


Table 2: Alvin Kelley & Tracey Krol vs George Sharbo & Keith Nickel :

This match didn’t go very well at the start for Kelley & Tracey as they fell behind by two games in the 8 Ball Set.  George has been playing well and Keith has picked up his game the last several and they capitalized on the mistakes by their opponents. You can’t hold down good shooters like Kelley and Tracey too long as they came up with some very nice shot making in game 3 and 4 as to even up the set. Keith and George continued to find ways to win, with some key hooks that opened the door for wins in games 5 & 6 and take a 4-2 set win. George and Keith opened the 9 Ball Set with a win in game 1. Alvin wasted very little time to tie up the set as he nailed a 1-9 combination to make quick work in game 2. Cue ball control is by far one of the most important factors in the game of pool, and Alvin has been one of the most consistent players able to do that. He and Tracey surged ahead in the set taking game three, as Tracey continued to play some very nice safeties that helped Kelley drop in the 9 ball for the second win in a row. Keith and George continued to work hard and it paid off with some nice shots as they notched games 4 & 5, taking the lead in the set. This set ended up in a tie as Tracey and Kelley notched the final game of the set. The 10 Ball Set would be the nemesis for Kelley and Tracey, as they could not seem to get anything going. Meanwhile, Keith and George seemed to get the momentum shifted to their side. They nailed game winners in the first two games, assuring them of no less than a tie. Tracey and Kelley put together a nice game and posted the win in game 3. That would be all that George and Keith would give up as they put together some very nice shooting and position play to nail down three straight games and take the match by 6 points. A very good match with some great shooting by both teams. 

George Sharbo & Keith Nickel (12) – Alvin Kelley & Tracey Krol (6)


Table 3: Matt Ressler & John Killett vs Todd Cook & Jake Ressler:

This turned out to be another close match with some key shooting by all four players. It was Todd and Jake notching the first game of the 8 Ball Set, as they found a few mistakes and took advantage of them with a win. That looked like that put a fire under John and Matt as they started pocketing balls game after game. They notched wins in games 2, 3 and 4 to take a 3-1 lead. Jake and Todd found a few openings by their opponents in game 5 and took full advantage with a win. This set would end in a 3-3 tie as Todd and Jake finished off the set with some very nice shooting. Matt and John opened the 9 Ball Set posting some very strategic safe play and nice shot making to notch game 1. Jake and Todd continued to shoot well and put together some nice shots to post wins in game 2 and 3 to take a 1 game lead. John and Matt rebound quickly, nailing a win in game 4 and then Matt pumped in a 2-9 to end game 5 rather quickly. Again, Jake and Todd put a good game together and this set ended in another 3-3 tie. The 10 Ball Set would certainly decide if this match would end in a tie or would one team surge ahead. It looked a bit that way in games 1 and 2 as Matt and John continued to shoot well, keeping the opponents in the chair most of the set. They put the first two games in the win column on their score sheet. Todd and Jake slowed down the momentum a bit, nailing game 3. Matt and John got in sync and put another win on the score sheet in game 4, then John followed that up with a 2-10 combo to put game 5 in the win column on the sheet. This gave them the match win, even as Jake and Todd stormed through game 6. It was a very even match and some very nice shooting by all players in the match. 

Table 4: Scott Kroll & Tony Parpart (absent) vs Eddie McKinley & Kathy Wnuk: Tony did not make the final weeks match and Scott had the luxury to play alone. Scott jumped out quickly in the 8 Ball Set as he posted back-to-back wins to get a quick lead in the set. Eddie and Kathy interrupted the short run nailing a win in game 3. Several misses by Kathy and Eddie continued to give Scott extra chances to win, and he wasn’t shy about that either. He again nailed back-to-back wins in games 4 & 5. Eddie and Kathy finished off the set taking game 6. Scott wins this set 4-2. Scott got on a roll to start the 9 Ball Set, nailing a 5-9 combo to open the set with a win. He added a 4-9 combo in game 2 to continue the momentum on his side and then nailed another win in game 3. Could three lead to four, not this time as Kathy and Eddie took game 4 with some very nice shooting. It looked like they might catch up in the set as they notched the second win in a row to only trail by a game in the set. Scott finished the set taking game 6 and increased his lead to 4 points in the match. Eddie and Kathy were looking to even up the match, and they had a pretty good start in the 10 Ball Set, as they opened with back-to-back winners in games 1 & 2. They then stalled as Scott notched game 3 and made quick work of game 4 as the nailed a 1-10, giving him the match win as he already accumulated 10 points. Kathy and Eddie made a match of it as they finished as they started with some nice shooting and position play. They took the final two games and end up losing the match by a couple of points. It was a very good match with everyone shooting decent.    

Scott Kroll (10) vs Eddie McKinley & Kathy Wnuk (8)



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