Week 05 Table 05

Box Score

Player 8 9 10 8OB 9OB 10OB 8B&R 9B&R 10B&R
Todd Cook513000000
Larry Baldyga222000000
Scott Kroll222000000
Victor Francisco222000000

Weekly Results

Victor Francisco6Loss
Scott Kroll6Loss
Larry Baldyga6Loss
Todd Cook9Loss
vs vs vs


Table 05


Austin Heath/Scott Kroll vs Larry Baldyga/Victor Francisco


Larry, Scott and Victor did not play and received lowest points for the night (6) because nobody played on their table. Austin played on table 4 instead of Matt Dessert and he lost that match with 9 points. This is reflected below showing all 4 players with a loss.


Date Time League Season
February 6, 2020 7:05 pm Thursday Rotating Partners Winter 2020

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