Newsletter Volume 16 Issue 01

Welcome to League 27 Winter 2022:

First off we would like to welcome some new players to the League 27  family. Tony Parpart, Eddie McKinley, Alvin Kelley and George Sharbo. Also want to welcome back Todd Cook, who has been in the league for many years, and was able to rejoin the league this year. Looking for a great season and some added competition to the league for the winter session.  Good luck and shooting to all of our new players as well as our returning players. This is a fun league, so please enjoy the season and have fun!!!


(Table 1)

    Walter Wnuk & Ray Ressler vs

Todd Cook &  Eddie McKinley

This match is in progress. The results each week will be highlighted in the newsletter as they complete their match. I will update the match totals each week. Good luck to all.


Rack em girls

(Table 2) Janet Nihls & Tracey Krol vs

Linda Kujat &  Karen Rutland:

This match got off to a good start for Janet and Tracey as they nailed back to back wins in the 8 Ball Set. Linda and Karen got close each time, getting down to the eight ball but were unable to close out the games. The tide turned in games 3 and 4 as Karen and Linda put together some very nice shots in the set. They were able to keep Tracey and Janet from getting out with some tough leaves, that helped to set up their wins. Linda and Karen nailed the wins to even up the set at 2 games each. Janet (who was named as the Most Improved Player in the last session) continues to show good improvement as does Tracey, and got back to their winning ways as they took advantage of missed shots by their opponents to capture the final two games of the set, taking a 4-2 advantage in the match. Linda and Karen jumped out to a first game win to start the 9 Ball Set. But the advantage in the match quickly changed as Tracey and Janet strung together win after win in the set. A couple of combinations on the nine ball early gave Janet and Tracey easy wins. They stormed through the set taking the next 5 games building up a 9-3 total after two sets. In the 10 Ball Set, it was Karen and Linda again striking first to take game 1, making some nice shots to get the first win. Again, they stalled and Tracey and Janet got  even taking game two. Then it seemed to go Janet and Tracey’s way the rest of the set, as missed shots by the opponents opened up the door for win after win. Janet and Tracey swept the next 5 games to take the set and the match. Good effort and playing by all in the first week of the winter session. 

Janet & Tracey (14 points) – Linda & Karen (4 points)


(Table 3) Matt Ressler & Jacob Ressler vs

Keith Nickel & George Sharbo:

This turned out to be a very even match by four good players. Keith and George took the first game in the 8 Ball Set, with some key shots to close out game 1. This match would teeter back and forth from start to finish. Matt and Jake got on the score sheet as they nailed game two. Jake continues to show great progress in his game and is why he received (The Most Improved Player) in last two session. Then it was back forth the rest of the way. George and Keith nailing wins in games 3 and 5, and Jake and Matt posting wins in games 4 & 6. With nice shooting by both teams, this set was finished in a tie, 3 games each. Jake got things off to a great start for his team in the 9 Ball Set as he nailed a 5-9 combination to make quick work in game one of the set. George answered right back in game two, as he finished off the game with a 3-9 combo to even up the set. Keith and George then got into a nice groove as they put wins on the sheet in games 3 & 4. Both George and Keith made some nice shots and at the same time kept their opponents from getting good shots to get back into the games. Matt and Jake stopped the 3 game run, as they notched the 5th game in the set, as Matt finished off the game with a 4 ball and out win. It was all Keith and George in the final game of the set with key shots and good hooks to close out the set and take a 4-2 win. This put George and Keith 2 points ahead of Matt and Jake heading into the final set in the match. The 10 Ball Set got off to a rousing start as Jake made a 1-10 combination shot to end the game very quickly. George then strung together a very nice run in game 2 to close out the game and even up the set. Keith and George attacked game three with great hooks and some key shots to put the second win on their side of the score sheet. It was the Jake and Matt show from that point on a they shot well and hooked better to keep Keith and George from winning any more games. Matt and Jake shot their way to 3 games in a row win and set 4-2. This match ended in a tie. Nice shooting by all in a very competitive match.

Matt & Jake (9 points) – Keith & George (9 points) 


(Table 4)  Scott Kroll & Alvin Kelley vs

John Killett &Tony Parpart:

Scott & Alvin came storming out in the 8 Ball Set like gangbusters. Scott continues to play well, and our newest member of the league was outstanding in his shot making and position play. When Alvin and Scott couldn’t make a shot, they played some very nice safes to keep John and Tony from being able to get into any kind of groove. They pounded out game after game and before long, they had put 5 wins on the score sheet. The final game saw Tony put together a nice run and take the final game in the set, to salvage a win as Alvin & Scott win 5-1. Scott and Alvin opened the 9 Ball Set with a win to get things going again as both players continued to play well. Tony and John put a win on the score sheet as they attacked the table with some nice shooting and posted the win in game 2 to even up the set. It was Scott and Alvin again charging forward as they continued to keep John and Tony as bay in the remaining games. A few misses by Tony and John opened the door to allowed Alvin and Scott to capitalize on the mistakes to take the remaining four games. Alvin and Scott take a commanding lead in the match with a 5-1 set win and a 10 to 2 lead overall heading to the final set. The momentum continued into the 10 Ball Set as Scott and Alvin made it 5 straight wins, taking the first game in the set. John and Tony stopped the opponents game run as they notched a win in game 2. They were able to play some nice hooks and making some nice shots to close out the game. Unfortunately for Tony and John, the momentum of the match shifted back to Alvin & Scott as they put together great shot making while keeping their opponents off the table and out of rhythm. Scott and Alvin forged ahead and notched the remaining four games to take the final set with another 5 point set. Good try by Tony & John and nice shooting by Alvin & Scott.         

Scott & Alvin (15) – Tony & John (3)

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