Newsletter Volume 16 Issue 04

Week 4 of League 27 – Winter 2022:


Walter Wnuk & Ray Ressler vs Todd Cook & Eddie McKinley (Make up match Week 1)

The Make Up Match resumed in week 4 after the 9 ball set was finished in week 3. The teams finished the 10 Ball Set, so the point totals for all the players are now up to date through week 4. Eddie jumped on the band wagon early in game 0ne notching a 4-10 combo to get his team on the score sheet first in the set. Todd and Eddie then put together some nice shooting and great safety play to keep Walter and Ray off the sheet in game 2. Ray and Walter fought back in the set, nailing game 3 and then a gift by the opponents gave them a pretty easy win in game 4. Ray was a bit too helpful to the opponents as he put the cue ball into Eddie and Todd’s hand in game 5 after an unforced error by scratching. This again gave them the lead in the set.  The set ended with some nice shooting by Walter to capture game 6 end to end the set with a 3-3 tie. It was a very good match between four good players.

Walter & Ray (12) – Todd and Eddie (6)


Table 1: Alvin Kelley & George Sharbo vs Scott Kroll & Ray Ressler:

This looked like it could have been the match of the week, with four good shooters fighting it out till the end. Both George and Alvin showed why they are at the top of the leader board with some very nice shooting by both players. They kept Scott and Ray at bay most of the first game with some pivotal safety play, along with some great shot making. The first game took a pretty long time to finish with safety play back and forth throughout the game, which eventually put a win on Alvin & George’s score sheet. It was a much different result in game 2 & 3, as Scott and Ray put together some nice runs as well as safety play to give them a one game lead in the set. That would be all that George and Alvin would give up in the set as they methodically made the shots, played safeties as needed to keep Ray and Scott off the sheet. They took the next three games with some very nice runs. When they weren’t making balls, they played some extremely great safeties which gave them a 4-2 lead in the match. The three game run by George and Alvin ended with Scott and Ray posting the first win in the 9 Ball Set. Scott got a chance to end game one early and did so by nailing a 3-9 combination shot on his first chance at the table. Alvin & George took a three game lead in the match as they notched back to back wins in games 2 & 3. After a nice run in game 4, with Scott and Ray putting another win on the sheet, Ray broke in game 5 and put the 9 ball in the hole on the break. The momentum stayed with them as they put away game 6 to even up the match at 6 to 6. The 10 Ball Set stayed very competitive as well. After the break by Ray in game 1 and a few balls were off the table, George stepped up and posted a very nice 6 ball run to take the game. Scott made quick work of the 2nd game as he nailed his second combination in the match. This time using the 2 ball, and the match stayed even. Ray got his chance to finish off game 3 that put his team a game up on the opponents. It was even again as Alvin posted a great run to take game 4. The set was decided by the teams splitting the final two games and this match finished all even. It was a very good match by four good shooters.

George Sharbo & Alvin Kelley (9) – Scott Kroll & Ray Ressler (9).

Table 2: Keith Nickel & Linda Kujat vs Walter Wnuk & Kathy Wnuk:

Do you know what you get when you put a couple of experienced players against some fairly novice players, yep, a good old fashion whooping. That is what took place in last weeks match. Walter without doubt has been playing some of the best pool in this session, and his wife Kathy has been improving her game tremendously as well. It didn’t take too long to figure that out as Walter and Kathy made some nice runs in the 8 Ball Set and put all 6 games on the scoresheet. The opponents had chances, but were unable to capitalize on them in the set. Instead of a 7 game lead, after opening the 9 Ball Set, Linda nailed a 4-9 combo to stop the opponents run. Unfortunately, more chances were missed and Kathy and Walter made them pay for the mistakes, taking the next five games. Kathy had a few very nice runs, and Walter contributed as well. The 10 Ball Set was almost a mirror image of the first set. Walter settled in with some very impressive runs, that included some very nice finishes in several of the games. Kathy, also had some very nice runs that allowed her to finish off games. Walt and Kathy finished off the set just like the 8 ball set, posting 6 straight wins. It was a valiant try and effort by Keith & Linda in a landslide loss. Very good shooting by Kathy and Walter. 

Walter Wnuk & Kathy Wnuk (17) – Linda Kujat & Keith Nickel (1).

Table 3: Janet Nihls & John Killett vs Tracey Krol & Tony Parpart:

This match had the makings of being a pretty even match right from the start. Janet & John struck first in the 8 Ball Set, notching back to back wins to get their team off to a very nice start. Good shooting by John and Janet as well as some timely hooks did the trick. Tony and Tracey seemed to get off to a slow start, with missed shots and ball in hand opportunities to their opponents. Tracey and Tony seemed to settle down in game three with some great chances given them by their opponents. They did not squander the chances and with some nice shooting, they posted wins in games 3 and 4. Janet and John fought back and took game 5, with Janet showing great improvement in her game. This assured them of no less than a split in the set. And that is how it finished, as Tony and Tracey nailed down the win in game 6. As in the first set, John and Janet again jumped out quickly taking games 1 and 2 in the 9 Ball Set. Game two ended very quickly as John drained a 9 ball on the break to give them a 2 game head start. Tracey led the way with some nice shot making and Tony feeding off the positive vibes as they finished off a win in the 3rd game of the set. Janet and John again took advantage of some missed shots by their opponents and made it 3 games to 1 in the set. Tony seemed to get some of his shooting eye back and he and Tracey made it two straight wins again, finishing off the set with a 3-3 tie again. With the match all tied up, it had the makings of a possible split match. Some strong shooting by Tracey  and Tony put a damper on John and Janet’s chances in 10 Ball Set. John just could not find his shooting eye and Janet missed a few shots that could have turned things around for them. It was all Tony and Tracey in the set. They continued to punish their opponents when mistakes and missed shots happened. They cruised through the set, taking all 6 games, that included a very nice 2-10 combination by Tracey in game 5. It was a good effort by Janet and John, who just could not overcome game mistakes that kept them from keeping pace with their opponents. Nice shooting by Tony and Tracey.

Tracey Krol & Tony Parpart (12) – John Killett & Janet Nihls (6).  

I think the stick is just fine

Table 4: Todd Cook & Matt Ressler vs Jacob Ressler & Eddie McKinley:

I don’t think the stick had much to do with the results of the match on table 4. It was a combination of too many missed shots that kept the door open for Matt and Todd. They jumped out quickly in the 8 Ball Set, posting three straight wins. Todd and Matt seemed to grab the momentum on each missed shot by their opponents and kept them off balance. A couple of nice runs by Eddie and a superb hook by Jake, gave them the fourth game in the set. That was all that Matt and Todd would give up as they nailed wins in the next two games to take a 5-1 lead. The 9 Ball Set looked like Eddie and Jake would control better. The opened up the set with back to back wins, with both Jake and Eddie making some nice shots and some decent safety play. Todd seemed to sharpen his eye and with Matt shooting well, they posted wins in games 3 and 4. This kept the teams even in the set after 4 game. The set would end in a tie (3-3) as both teams took one game each to close out the set. Todd and Matt continued to play well and still had some momentum after taking game 6 in the 9 ball set. They posted wins in the first four games in the 10 Ball Set. Controlled shooting, pin point position kept things rolling for Matt and Todd. They made the opponents pay for each mistake and missed shots in the set. They pumped in win after win, taking four straight games in the set. Jake and Eddie seemed to find a bit of recovery on the few mistakes made by their opponents and pounded in game winners in the final two games of the set. It was a very admirable try by Eddie & Jake and some very nice pool playing by Todd and Matt, as they take the match.

Matt Ressler & Todd Cook (12) – Eddie McKinley & Jake Ressler (6).


   TABLE 1: George & Matt vs Walter & Janet

TABLE 2: Alvin & Tracey vs Todd & Keith

TABLE 3: John & Eddie vs Ray & Linda

TABLE 4: Jake & Kathy vs Tony & Scott 

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