Newsletter Volume 16 Issue 03

Week 3 of League 27 – Winter 2022:


Walter Wnuk & Ray Ressler vs Todd Cook & Eddie McKinley (Make up match Week 1)

The Make Up Match resumed in week 3 after the 8 ball set was finished in week 2. Walter and Ray are playing against Todd & Eddie. The teams were able to finish the 9 Ball Set and 3 games in the 10 Ball Set, before the regularly schedule league play began. I will elaborate on how the match faired in the 10 ball set next week after completion. The 9 Ball Set got started with Walter and Ray doing what they do pretty well, making the balls and finishing the games. Some well placed safeties and hooks along with some pretty nifty shooting led to the success of them winning the first three games in the set. Todd and Eddie stopped the run of three by notching game 4. Walter nailed a 1-9 combo in game 5 to give them another win. The set ended with some nice shooting by Eddie and Todd along with some great position play to capture game 6. Ray and Walter take the set 4 games to 2. The 10 ball set will be completed in week 4.

Table 1: Janet Nihls & Keith Nickel vs Eddie McKinley & Scott Kroll: It looked a little dismal for the Nihls-Nickel team at the start of the 8 Ball Set. Eddie and Scott got off to a great start as they nailed wins in the first four games to assure them of the set win. Keith and Janet rebounded a bit as they stopped their opponents wins in the set at 4 games. They played well in the next two games, putting the wins into their scoresheet. The set finished with  Eddie & Scott taking a 4-2 lead in the match. The momentum seemed to continue for Janet and Keith into the 9 Ball Set. Janet opened the set with a very nice 2-9 combo to take game 1. Janet and Keith continue to show great improvements in their game. Keith and Janet continued to make the shots when it counted and nailed the win in game 2, giving them a four game win streak against two good shooters. Eddie and Scott got back to winning, as they took the next two games and evened up the score at 2 games each. That was all Janet and Keith would relinquish in the set as they nailed back to back wins to finish the set, winning 4-2. This set the stage for 10 Ball Set. Keith and Janet continued their winning ways, taking game 1 and following up with a 4-10 combo in game 2. This matched their previous win streak at 4 games again. Scott and Eddie played some great safety shots, and finished off the next two games with some very good position play and runs to capture the games 3  & 4. The teams split the last two games, Janet & Keith win game 5 and Eddie and Scott game 6 to end the set at 3 games each. This turned into a very good match and ended in a tie. Good shooting by all.

Janet & Keith (9) – Eddie & Scott (9).

Table 2: Tracey Krol & Linda Kujat vs Todd Cook & George Sharbo: The 8 Ball Set turned out a bit sour for the ladies as they were unable to slow down the fellas in the set. Both Todd and George are very accomplished shooters and showed that as they swept the set, taking all 6 games to jump out to a large lead in the match. Linda and Tracey were able to stop the boyz run at 6 as they nailed the first game in the 9 Ball Set with some nice shooting by both ladies. A couple of key blocks by the ladies kept George and Todd from getting any momentum in the game. Todd & George rebounded by nailing a win in game 2 with some pivotal position play and great shooting. Tracy and Linda got back on their winning ways, as both made some very nice shots to close out games 3 & 4 that gave them a 2 game lead in the set. You just can’t hold down good shooters for very long, as George and Todd came back strong in games 5 & 6 to even up the set at 3 games each. George and Todd have a 6 game lead in the match after the second set. Todd and George seemed to be on a roll gaining the momentum after finishing the 9 ball set. They notched the first three games in the 10 Ball Set to assure their team of winning the match. Tracey and Linda put together a nice game in #4 with some key shot making and some very nice safety leaves. Unfortunately, they were unable to hold off the men, as they nailed the final two games, taking the set 5 to 1. It was a very nice effort and try by the ladies, but were just outplayed by some nice shooting and position play by the guys.

George & Todd (14) – Linda & Tracey (4).

Table 3: Walter Wnuk & Matt Ressler vs Tony Parpart & Ray Ressler: This would be a very competitive match with four experienced shooters all on the same table. Tony and Ray struck first with a good finish in game one after a couple of missed shots by their opponents in the 8 Ball Set. The win and the momentum changed quickly as Matt and Walter put together some very nice shooting and position play. They continued to control the games with some great hooks as they nailed game 2 & 3 with some great shooting. Ray contributed to a little of  their success as he proceeded to make the 8 ball out of turn in game 4. Walter and Matt continued to keep their opponents off balance and notched game 5, giving them a 4 game run in the set. With some nice shooting by Tony, they staved off a loss in game 6, to keep them only a couple of games down in the match. It looked like the luck stayed with Ray and Tony as it was a very quick win in the 9 Ball Set. Tony nailed the 9 ball on the break. It seemed like every time a miss by Walter or Matt, it allowed their to opponents continue to win games. They cruised through game 2, and then Tony nailed a 2-9 combo to end game 3. Ray contributed with just as quick a win nailing a 1-9 combo in game 4 making it 5 straight wins from the end of the 8 ball set. Walter ended game 5 with wide open combination notching a 1-9. Tony and Ray took game 6 to give them a 5-1 set win. Ray opened the 10 Ball Set with a 10 ball on the break and they put together a nice finish on game 2 to stay ahead of their opponents assuring them of at least a tie in the match. After the break by Ray in game 3,Walter stepped up looking to get his team back into the match. He proceeded to run all 10 balls to only trail by a game in the set. Matt and Walter took game 4 and the set was even. Tony posted a 4-10 combo to take game 5 and Walter and Matt took game 6, splitting the set at 3 games each. Tony and Ray take the match against two very good shooters, who had a few bad breaks along the way that contributed to their loss in the match.

Tony & Ray (10) – Walter & Matt (8)

Table 4: Kathy Wnuk & Alvin Kelley vs John Killett & Jacob Ressler: John and Jake were up against some very good players and could not afford to make too many mistakes. Alvin and Kathy got off to a very good start, notching the first game in the 8 Ball Set. With some controlled shooting and position play, John and Jake took game 2 to even things up. The teams split the next two games with some very nice shooting by both teams. It was all tied up until Kathy put together a nice run in game 5 and Alvin cleaned up the table in game 6. This gave Alvin and Kathy a two game cushion heading into the 9 Ball Set. It looked like John and Jake were totally out played in the set as Kathy and Alvin cruised through the set taking all 6 games. Nothing much stood out but making the balls to finish games by Kathy and Alvin. It was a combination of missed shots by their opponents, John and Jake along with some key shots by Alvin and Kathy that opened up the door for win after win. This put Jake and John down by 8 points heading into the final set. The 10 Ball Set saw Kathy and Alvin continue their winning ways, as they made it 7 straight wins with the first game of the set. Jake nailed a 1-10 combination to end game 2 quickly, that also stopped their opponents run of games. Game 3 went to Alvin and Kathy, with John and Jake taking game 4. That would be the last win for Jake and John, as Kathy and Alvin finished them off with back to back wins in games 5 & 6. It was an admirable try by John and Jake with some very nice shooting by them. Alvin and Kathy take the match by 10 points with some nice shooting and great position play.

Kathy & Alvin (14) – Jake & John (4).


TABLE 1: Alvin Kelley & George Sharbo vs Scott Kroll & Ray Ressler

TABLE 2: Keith Nickel & Linda Kujat vs Walter Wnuk & Kathy Wnuk

TABLE 3: Janet Nihls & John Killett vs Tracey Krol & Tony Parpart

TABLE 4: Todd Cook & Matt Ressler vs Jacob Ressler & Eddie McKinley

Good luck and good shooting by all, and remember to have fun. 


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