Week 01 Table 01

Box Score

Player 8 9 10 8OB 9OB 10OB 8B&R 9B&R 10B&R
Eddie McKinley123000000
Ray Ressler543000000
Todd Cook123000000
Walter Wnuk543000100

Weekly Results

Walter Wnuk12Win
Todd Cook6Loss
Ray Ressler12Win
Eddie McKinley6Loss
vs vs vs


Table 01


This match will be played as a makeup match. Must be played between January 13, 20 & 27. Play may begin at 6:00PM and pause at or near 6:55PM. If the match is not completed by January 27 at 6:55 you may finish after regular league play as long as all players agree. January 27 is the last date to complete this match.

8 Ball set was completed on January 13

9 Ball and three racks of 10 Ball completed on January 20

The last 3 racks of 10 Ball completed on January 27


Date Time League Season
January 6, 2022 7:01 PM Thursday Rotating Partners Winter 2022

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